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  Bernd Schrubka, actor and entertainer,
  "It is with ease and nonchalance that you evaluate and consult people.
It turned me from sceptic to customer. Thank you!"
  Christian Luhrs, Managing Director Stollmann Entwicklungs und Vertriebs GmbH, Hamburg:   "It was straightforward and clear - without arrogance and not afraid of differing opinions - simply good consulting."

  Ingeborg Mihm, Plaffeien, Switzerland. Guest on board MS Europa:   „She combines competence regarding my difficult proportions and style, with endearing flair. It's great fun working with her.“
  Dr. Michael P. Seiler, Head of Control & Planning, Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH:   „Ms. Dierks manages to give the personal appearance and manner of even experienced managers a final polish using her practised eye. “

  Heike Wilts, Corporate Finance, Sparkasse Munsterland Ost:   "I could have continued working with Ms. Dierks and would have experienced change and yet remained myself.".
  Horst Krambeer, Head of Centre of Excellence, Maybach, Stuttgart:   "I have never experienced anything better in the field of business etiquette and personal appearance."
  Mag. Andreas Zakostelsky, Managing Director Raiffaisen Capital Management, Vienna:   „The interesting seminar topics are perfectly communicated by Ms Dierks sophisticated style and perfect manner alone, subconsciously so-to-speak. A highly profitable experience.“
  Stephan Swinka, Board non-food, Tchibo, Hamburg:   „Ms Dierks has extended the personal development of many of our employees by a new and important facet."
  Stefan Scheidt, Personnel Development, Daimler AG Training Centre, Lammerbrückel:   "Christiane Dierks provides the employees of DaimlerChrysler AG with an important contribution to the development of their individual personalities - with sensitivity, charm and direction."
  Mauro Pilia, Manager, Daimler AG, Stuttgart:   „The time structure, topics and contents made this the most valuable seminar experience that I have ever had. Her competence is immense and was a continual strong presence during both days of the seminar.“
  Helmut Johannson, Divisional Director Branches, Tchibo GmbH, Hamburg:   "The enormous enthusiasm of hundreds of branch managers after Ms Dierks' seminars speaks for itself - our thanks for her commitment!"
  Michael Guerts, Consultant, MV Consulting, Friedrichsdorf:   "I had a brilliant coach, who understood me and who, with confidence in her style, guided me through buying my clothes. I bought with a confidence I had not had in 20 years. Thank you!"
  Birgitt Kern, Corporate Design ING BHF Bank:   "I have never had so much fun in a seminar. Christiane Dierks is likeable, humorous and competent. The time went by far too quickly."
  Dr.Norbert Wupper, Executive Managing Director, Unternehmer-Beratung, Hamburg:   „Valuable content, coupled with personal commitment and expertise. At our events Ms Dierks always manages to win over the participants for this very personal topic. My compliments!“
  Magister Karin Socher, Training Department Raiffeisenlandesbank Vorarlberg, Bregenz:   „…. In our feedback form you only received the highest marks. My compliments!“

  Christoph Schütze, Area Manager Sanofi Pasteur MSD GmbH, Leimen:n   "With her friendly and competent manner, Ms Dierks showed us how our outward appearance can strengthen our personality in the best possible way. All the participants profited from it."
  Helmut Johannson, Divisional Director Branches, Tchibo Hamburg:   "Christiane Dierks gave us her professional support in developing new working clothes for the employees of our branches. Her expertise is so great, that we were able to make our decisions more confidently and free from our own personal taste."
  Olaf Winkler, Peek & Cloppenburg Kiel   "The first time in my life  I joined a seminar where I haven´t been bored  for a minute!"
  Iris Dewald, Deutsche Bank Saarbrücken   "We all where afaid you would tell us to loose at least 10 kilos. But you have done the opposite - strenghened our personalities."